Pet Bathing

We offer expert pet bathing services here in Cape Girardeau. Your pet will enjoy a very pleasant bathing experience while taking care of any flea or tick issues. We offer Free Estimates and have a friendly staff.

Pet Bathing Pricing

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Pricing is based on weight and condition of the dog.

Why your pet will love our Bathing Services

We create an environment that feels like home. With over 20 years of experience we know how to give expert bathing services.

Professional Bathing Services

To prevent causing your pet’s skin to itch, we utilize an anti-itch shampoo and a hydro surge bathing system. At Happy Tails Boarding, Daycare & Grooming, we offer expert dog services, so your pet can enjoy a pleasant bathing experience. What your dog can obtain is as follows:

  • Deep conditioning baths
  • Flea and tick baths
  • Mud baths
  • De-shed baths

Pet bathing in Cape Girardeau by Happy Tails Doggy Daycare ensures your furry companions stay clean, healthy, and comfortable. Their professional team provides thorough bathing services tailored to each pet’s needs, using high-quality, pet-safe shampoos and conditioners.

Happy Tails Doggy Daycare’s experienced staff handles pets with care, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Regular baths help maintain your pet’s coat, reduce shedding, and prevent skin issues. With a focus on hygiene and comfort, Happy Tails Doggy Daycare offers an exceptional bathing service that leaves your pets feeling fresh and looking their best. Trust them for a sparkling clean and happy pet.

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Dedicated to the Well-Being of Our K-9 Friends for 20+ Years.

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